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    We select and review the best in Adoption literature.
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    Authors and publishers provide us with excerpts, exclusive insights and special offers which we share with you.
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    All books are carefully categorized and organized for your convenience.
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Children's Books
Kids of all ages can learn something new about adoption. From newborn to Teenager, you're sure to find just what you need.
Hoping to Adopt?
From adoption in the USA to adopting Internationally, this selection will help you with the processes and emotions you'll be facing.
Thinking of adoption for your baby? We have step-by-step guides and words of wisdom from women AND MEN who have chosen this path.
Parenting Issues
Parenting an adopted child can bring up issues you may need help with. Advice for all ages and stages.
Were you Adopted?
Searching for Birthfamily? Need more insight or advice from people who share your experience? Find this and more inside.
Agencies, Attorneys, Social Workers and others will find references, journals and reports here.
Special Topics
Are you single or a member of an Alternative Family? You can adopt! Check our selection of special topics just for you.
Books with characters who have been touched by adoption, or containing adoption themes.
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